Social Media puts Wheels on the Eco-friendly Drive

Advertisements offer the opportunity to build awareness, target based on geographic, demographic and behavioral data. Social Media does one better by truly engaging and interacting with its audience.A seductress that has lured the best of us into consuming content like ever before. She is as much of a lady as any literature has cared to depict […]


The journey from prospecting to winning new business to keeping customers engaged. The world today has come a long way in terms of connecting and keeping one’s prospects/customers engaged. The era of valuing customers as ‘esteemed’ began long ago with the advent of this philosophy ‘Customer is the king’. Not long after this, we turned […]

MD India – Largest TPA of India

MD India Healthcare Services TPA Pvt. Ltd. established in year 2000 and the largest Third party administrator in India servicing 7% of Indian population and processing 11,42,000 claims per annum. The client base includes             LIC, New India Assurance Co, United India Insurance Co, Oriental Insurance Co, National Insurance Co, Mumbai Municipality, BPCL, […]