Digital marketing in B2B companies: A beginner’s guide

Why Digital marketing for B2B? Digital marketing is the new word in trend. Companies have been increasing the share of their marketing spends (35% on an average) towards digital marketing activities. This has become relevant in the B2B business areas where both the sellers and buyers are business entities. With high prominence of internet, B2B […]

Bootstrapped Startup Marketing: Five Essential Tips to Thrive and Survive

At a Bangalore Starbucks in April 2017, Sagar Modi is scrutinizing an excel sheet of finances on his laptop. He has just hired few remote interns help polish his startup Quiph‘s marketing strategy. So, he needs to factor in their stipends, cost of purchasing a blog domain on Medium, website maintenance for and allocate the rest of […]


A Short Guide on “Digital Marketing in an Ethical Manner”

  As on today, a total of 3.7 billion people (almost 50% of the total world population) have internet connectivity, a number which is only growing by the day. Internet connectivity has empowered people with knowledge & information. It has also connected people and brought them closer like never before. Businesses have always sought innovative ways to connect and […]