Advertising & Communication

 advertising and corporate communication

A media spot provides brand exposure, a good design manages active attention, a sharp message ensures active comprehension, however a holistic communication is essential for creation of enduring retention.

At IntelliAssist, we religiously recite this hymn every day. Based on the understanding of our clients' business and after gaining adequate insights on how their consumers behave, our creative studio works on simple, executable ideas. Our objective is very simple - to get our clients' message out to their target audience, in the right format, in an ethical way.

We offer corporate advertising, brand advertising and recruitment advertising solutions.


Corporate Advertising

Our corporate communication strategy revolves around the objective of enhancing confidence in our clients' business. The target audiences for such advertisements are not only clients and consumers but also other stakeholders such as partners, suppliers, investors, regulators and media. We believe that a well-devised corporate advertising campaign can help in competitive positioning and creation of positive perception. This can help the company attract fresh interest and stimulate new demand.


Brand Advertising

Our brand communication strategy revolves around the objective of providing value to our clients' customers and consumers. We believe that a good balance of rational and emotional appeal creates high impact and leaves back lasting impression on minds and hearts of customers resulting in to trials and purchase.


Recruitment Advertising

Our recruiting and internal communication strategy revolves around the objective of creating a productive workplace for our clients. Our recruiting advertisements are designed to attract good talent and our internal communication campaigns are designed to increase employee satisfaction.