Autonomous cars and the future of driving

In 18th century, we witnessed a revolution that leapfrogged human evolution process–Industrial revolution. It disrupted the existing way of life and created norms. Removed inefficiencies and presented new opportunities for human evolution. We are witnessing another revolution now- digital revolution. Digital revolution has already started disrupting industries, changing existing norms and removing inefficiencies in the […]

Project KHUSHI – Strengthening Aanganwadi

BACKGROUND Over the years, I have lived in 9 Indian States and have travelled to several others, experiencing a rich cultural diversity and mindsets. Although the exposure helped me understand differences, it made me discover a shared problem – The lack of equal quality education. This problem is prevalent across the nation, irrespective of caste, […]

The trust economy

Blockchain is a decentralized database that stores a registry of transactions (and assets) across a peer to peer network. Transactions in the network are secured through cryptography, time stamped and stored in blocks of data that are verified across participating nodes. Each block is chained to previous blocks back to the “genesis” or first block […]