Creative Collateral Design

Collateral Creation


We create sales-winning, creative collateral design. Our collaterals are crisply written and have an aesthetic appeal. We cater to businesses of all sizes, across industry sector. We have helped several start-ups, small and medium sized companies create complete sales deck and successfully drive their content marketing campaigns. Also, we are experienced working with technology multinational companies in their ongoing communication campaigns such as newsletter and blog. We have helped large Indian companies develop case studies that can be included in their sales kit.

We strongly believe that business collateral can create first impression that has lasting effect on minds of prospects. Our quality standard are high and we emphasize on three key elements – layout, design and content.

Content is the King, visual element is the Queen and layout is the Prince. Together, they are a Royal Family.

Our service and experience includes brochure and presentation design, whitepaper writing, case study development and newsletter creation. We also develop thought leadership articles, bylines  and media releases & blog. As ghost writers, we have written several guest blog on behalf of our clients. This has helped our clients build their personal brand while they create demand for their products and services.

We specialize in developing B2B collaterals, especially for IT, ITES, Telecom, Pharmaceutical and Financial Services sectors.