Healthcare Communication

Healthcare Communication


Healthcare communication is all about ethically presenting scientific facts that kindles hope to a healthy living.

Be it a new product launch or on-going communication, a sound campaign strategy is essential to realize your communication objectives. We devise and manage integrated communication programs for healthcare firms; this includes doctor communication, patient engagement, channel members & sales force motivation and digital media.

"Mr. MR (read: Medical Representative), I've been prescribing this molecule for many years; perhaps you are not even that old yet!"

One of the biggest challenges that medical representatives face on field is face time with doctors. Our campaigns are well positioned to handle this challenge. We have designed campaigns that provide an opportunity for multiple visits and longer face time. Longer face time with doctors have resulted in to increased prescription and market share for brands. We encourage you to read one of our success stories New Product Launch - Telma AMH.

doctor communication

Doctor Communication

We design and develop engaging teasers, crisply written leave behind literature, high-impact visual aids, flash cards and detailers. We also specialize in developing scientific material such as clinical trial booklets, drug comparison booklets and scientific facts booklets. Last but not the least, we support with medical transcription.

patients education and care

Patient Engagement

We engage patients in-clinic and outside the clinic on behalf of our clients. We organize camps and workshops for educating patients. We also use digital tools to keep in touch and create a virtual two-way communication channel.