Join Instagram for InstaSales

Although Instagram will celebrate its sixth birthday in next few months, but till today it is treated as a closed social media network with very less interaction with outside world. This is the reason why many marketers have not yet started promoting their products and services on Instagram. However, you may like to read this blog to better understand the rising importance of Instagram in Digital Marketing mix. Further, with the availability of advertising option on Instagram, it is now easier for marketers to get started.


With Instagram reaching 500 million users recently, all the marketers should gear up and should start promoting on Instagram as well to increase their sales. Here are the few tips for the new digital marketers using Instagram.


Tip 1: Use appropriate hashtags

While marketers think they know everything about hashtags but there is still a lot of confusion on the usage of hashtags in the posts. The following points needs to be taken care of while creating hashtags.

  • Use a mix of hashtags containing some unique hashtags and few regularly used hashtags. Regularly used hashtags will give more exposure to your post and unique hashtags will help your post float at top for most of the time.
  • If you are using abbreviations, check to which content the hashtags leads you.
  • Analyze a while before choosing any hashtags.

Tip 2: Build a story with visuals

Instagram is more about visuals and less text. Marketers should build a story about each product they launch or want to sell. Story should be mostly in visuals providing all the information for the buyer. Also the image quality should be really good to keep customers looking at post.

Customers don’t like irrelevant images and images with a lot of filters. So image should be crisp, self descriptive, and should appeal customers to buy the product.

Apart from images, marketers can use innovative ideas like animated video, short film to showcase their product.

Tip 3: Use proper Links

Many a times digital marketers don’t use the links properly to redirect the customers to their website or a page. Sometimes the landing page is outdated or sometimes the landing page is completely irrelevant for the customers.

Imagine you ask customer to click the link to see similar kinds of product on your website and instead of showing the similar product page, you redirect them to the home page of website. Customer will not search for the same product again in your website to know about other related products. So a simple idea is to show the customers what they want to see.

If you are promoting your product on Instagram, then give a link to it that redirect the customer to that product and also have a call of action.

Another point that most marketers often forget is that Instagram supports multiple languages. So promote your product to customers in their local language. This will help you to connect with them better and will help to increase your sales.

Tip 4: Watch your competitor

Never underestimate your competitor. Always watch what your competitor is doing and learn from its fault and try to improve your digital marketing strategy on Instagram.

Check who are following your competitor and also whom they are following. Sometimes watching your competitor move can help you plan out your digital strategy. For example, if you find that your competitor’s sales has increased due to some celebrity following your competitor, then as a marketer you can also try for some other popular celebrity with a huge fan base to follow you on Instagram. This would surely boost your sales.

Tip 5: Attract customers by promotional sales

Promotions provide customer a lead to purchase a product. Therefore, marketers should understand that providing special discounts in form of promo code exclusive to Instagram users helps boost sales and helps to maintain a constant traffic to your website.In order to attract customers, marketers should have eye catching and attractive graphics for which they need an excellent creative team.

Instagram ads don’t require much of your energy and time compared to other social network. All it needs is an efficient creative team. Also, ads on Instagram are cheaper. If you have not tried Instagram ads yet, try them.They won’t disappoint your sales.

Here is the link for getting started with  Instagram Ads