Lead Generation


Marketing activities such as lead generation and demand creation are valuable to organizations of all sizes, across industry sectors. Increasingly marketeers are looking for lead generation solutions to assist sales organization meet their ambitious growth plan. This is true especially in the case of B2B brands where the target audience is not mass market, the sale cycles are long, deal value is high and personal selling plays an important role in deal closure.

Advertising creates brand recall; direct marketing creates demand.

We begin with database management; we support in sourcing, managing and maintaining marketing data that can generate business leads. Our services include: field research, database creation and management and response management.

We devise and implement demand creation campaigns across all media channels (print, digital, mobile and social media). Our service includes creation of a campaign ‘BIG IDEA’, devising key messages, incorporating measurable call-to-action and writing winning copy. Most campaigns that we design and develop have multiple inputs to create an interesting story that communicates our clients’ key messages. We have been effectively incorporating props in our campaigns to increase success rates and command attention. Our campaign duration varies from a fortnight to a few months.

Our success lies in our ability to use a combination of tools to communicate key messages, form perceptions and ultimately induce trial and purchase. Some of the tools we commonly are direct mail, email, face2face and call center. In our experience outbound call center support that we have extended to our clients to follow-up post campaign period has helped them significantly. So if you are looking at a direct marketing campaign, feel free to get in touch.