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Google AdWords Success Stories - Mage Therapy


Google AdWords has been one of our most preferred online advertising and lead generation solution. Out here we’ll share one of our many Google AdWords success stories. We are selecting this client example as it is a single aesthetic clinic and hence geo-targeting was very important. Moreover, the client did not indulge in to any aggressive search engine optimization (SEO) activity such as link building; their focus was using various Google offerings such as places, reviews, Google Plus etc and search engine marketing (SEM). Keep reading to find out more!

Mage Therapy is a center par excellence for holistic aesthetics – one of the few facilities in India offering a wide range of therapies, from natural and organic to allopathy. Located in beautiful Midtown Mumbai, the center offers Aesthetic Surgery, Dermatology, Cosmetology & Skin Spa, Hair Care, Dentistry and Diet & Nutrition services.

Launched in September 2012, the center had two objectives – create brand awareness and generate leads. IntelliAssist was appointed to provide digital marketing consultancy, management service and training. IntelliAssist created and managed Google AdWords and LinkedIn advertising campaign to generate qualified leads. The share of advertising budget was about 70% for Google AdWords and 30% for LinkedIn. We created search and display campaigns; optimized keyword and placements to maximize click-through rate (CTR) and optimize cost-per-click (CPC). Google Analytics could provide deep insights in to effective keywords and also it helped in boosting organic site traffic. Geo-targeting helped in generation of qualified leads and an encouraging conversion rate was recorded.

Additionally, a leading deal website was used to promote festive and limited period offers. Social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter were used to create positive word of mouth. IntelliAssist managed content across all social platformsfor a period of three months. Finally, a ‘Do-it-yourself’ client training was organized.

When compared with other media, the client found digital marketing the most effective and economic way to generate leads.