Promotion of Bollywood Movies

Movies are eccentric products that have a short life cycle. They deserve custom marketing plans that can provide results within a short span. Hence promotion of Bollywood movies need an expert!


 marketing of bollywood and hollywod films

Movie Marketing on the Internet is more than publishing content and creating engagements; it’s about reaching out to your target audience with the help of well planned campaigns that integrate with movie positioning and key messages to eventually evoke positive audience sentiments.

IntelliAssist is one of the leading movie marketing firms based in Mumbai. We have worked with large and small production houses and helped them devise positioning strategy and key messages for their movies. We are experienced in promoting movies on the digital media; this includes creation of websites, social media marketing, managing reputation on user generated content websites and managing display advertising on general news and entertainment portals.

Cinema-goers in India have evolved and are more demanding than ever before. They demand quality, a plot full of twists-n-turns and entertainment. We make sincere efforts to engage audience and evoke positive sentiments by telling a story, asking questions, initiating social conversations and creating a bonded community.

Our favorite online platforms for promotion of Bollywood movies are IMDB, Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus. We love WhatsApp too!