Relationship Marketing and Social Media: This hottest love affair is writing the new Marketing Bible

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover.”


In today’s world of neo-marketing, if relationship is the king, it dwells in the kingdom of community, and undoubtedly social media is the Queen that builds, holds and nurtures the relationship. Anybody who has anything to do with marketing, understands that building strong relationships with existing customers is way more effective than acquiring new customers. With the advent of unstoppable reach of social media and web 2.0, there is no denying that brands cannot build, strengthen or control their relationships without taking resort to social media. With the rise of Social Media, the balance of power has tilted towards individuals and to a greater extent, to communities. Consumers are no longer an entity which “consumes” only, instead they contribute, spread and above all “make friends” with what they consume. As IBM aptly explains in its recent Whitepaper: “With social media, though, customers (and their highly influential virtual networks) are now driving the conversation, which can trump a company’s marketing, sales and service efforts with unprecedented immediacy and reach.” To highlight few aspects of this new affair, which is catching all the limelight:

  1. Do you wanna Partner:

The marketing mantra says one needs to see a potential customer among the “strangers”, entice her with communications to “acquire” her, by gratifying and catering to her needs making her “friend” is the next step, by enhancing the established relationship making her “partner” will be the dream come true for the marketer. With numerous individuals finding their life partners in the social media worldwide, is it very difficult to imagine that a brand will also find the same? It actually works both ways. Consumer Behavior advocates that when a customer subscribes to a brand, she actually acquires a friend, in the brand. With brand personified engagement on social media, a brand can take this friendship to the next level: Partner.  Obviously this won’t happen overnight, this requires, patience, consistence and time. What do I mean by partners? When selling your product or service, you tend to address a particular need. If the need gets properly addressed your customer becomes happy. But if you make her your partner, she becomes happy, not only because her need got addressed, but because she got to get associated with you. You are now making her your brand ambassador.




  1. Participation is Marketing:

In 1999, the Cluetrain Manifesto first shed light on the potential impact of Social Media on future marketing universe. They provided a new definition of Market: Markets are conversations. In 2007, when media marketer Chris Heuer coined “Participation is marketing”, he actually meant, markets can be created by constant value adding engagements. Today trust can no longer be bought using advertisement dollars, but only with ongoing and real dialogues, with following communities everywhere where your brand is mentioned, and engaging altruistically in real conversations. Unless you walk a mile in your customers’ shoes, you can never understand them: who does not know the outcome of marketing without understanding the market? Apocalypse.  When the old brand Graco, dealing in children’s products, tried to find traction among young parents social media engagement only could bring fruits to them. By “conversation mining”, they actively engaged with their customers, listened to what they were talking about, and took part in every conversation. Their new parental blog attracted articles from parents, active twitter presence pushed up their rank in SERP and search engine spiders could no longer ignore them. The bottom line is simple: You really need to be omnipresent.



  1. Community is your Oxygen:

Once you have identified your target segment, you need to be a part of the community they belong to. Online communities are becoming more influential than media outlets. Loyalty can be sought only when you nurture genuine relationship with the community members.

Any marketer’s dream is to have community built around his own brand, like Harley-Davidson Riders’ group. You do not need to talk about your brand or product always, you need to genuinely participate in the community for the sake of participation. Bangalore has long been witnessing increasing number of Bengali communities, Bengalis in Bangalore(BiB), Hattogol, Bangalore’e Bangaliyana are few popular ones. The members not only socialize here on Facebook, they form WhatsApp groups, meet regularly, go for rides, trips, pubbing, clubbing and restaurant hopping. Among many Bengali restaurants, some become active members of these communities. Kitchen of Joy, Panch Foron, Kolkata Biriyani are some examples who actively participate in these communities and have become an integral part of them.  Kolkata Biriyani even contributed 5% of their monthly profits to orphanage visits, which are regularly conducted by “Bangalore-e-Bangaliyana”. No wonder people not only wish “happy birthday” to these restaurants’ Facebook pages but also rank them higher while opting to eat out.


  1. Don’t get too hard, but get heard:

“Content is fire, Social Media is the gasoline”-Jay Baer

It does not matter how loud you shout out from your rooftop, people won’t listen to you, unless you engage them, interest them and be one of them. Social Media provides unique opportunities to brands to get heard, if you can interest potential opinion leaders, either by addressing one particular need, or by saying something interesting, emotional or controversial: once you catch the limelight, your name can spread like a forest fire. But you have to do it in a transparent way. Caminito Argentinean steak house gained popularity in Northampton not just by advertising, but through their active social presence on Blog, YouTube and Myspace.



  1. Manage your Image:

With efforts spanning infinite timelines, you may have built an emperor of trust, loyalty and reputation. But in today’s world of digital networking, one single flaw may destroy this empire in a few mouse clicks. But with active presence on social media you can at least repair the damage, or even stop it at a nascent age. With active engagement, you may assure your victims, that you are there, and do whatever you can to compensate them. Your product may be faulty, admit it. It’s important to own up your mistakes. You need to respond quickly and positively. Nobody wants to go unheard, especially when they have been wronged. By simply apologizing you may appease them in the first place. Explain to them how you are going to address it. You should always be available to address the issues, ease concerns and give it a place where the conversation can go offline and thereby stop the forest fire from spreading.




Now that I have established, the importance for you to attend the wedding of “Relationship Marketing” and “Social Media”, you may visit 10 Rules of Social Media Engagement to understand the 10 golden rules of active engagement, or 19 Ways to Build Relationships With Blog Comments to understand how you can seek active participation from your partners, I mean, your prosumers (prosumers= producers+ consumers).


175 thoughts on “Relationship Marketing and Social Media: This hottest love affair is writing the new Marketing Bible

  1. Social media presence is indeed indispensable for a company to “connect” with its Gen X and Gen Y customers, but it comes with its fair share of downsides. An irate customer can now, instead of an email, voice his/her concerns on a company’s Facebook page which can potentially drive away the company’s future customers and more importantly, reduce brand value. How would one address this issue? Also, how can a company ensure that its Facebook page does not turn into just another sophisticated grievance redressal portal?

    1. First of all, in the fear of getting avalanche of negative comments if you restrict yourself from entering social media, you are actually letting go a huge ocean of opportunity. Letting me draw an analogy, if you don’t go out of your home, there won’t be any probability for a street mishap for you, but does that mean you will restrict yourself to indoor only?
      To address the negative comments, a brand need to have an active presence, when someone posts something negative, the brand has to immediately respond to the customer, if its a genuine mistake, admit it, accept it, own it and apologize, even publicly. Then it needs to clearly show its future course of action regarding the same. Only if it fails to address it immediately, the consumer gets infuriated.
      After replying immediately, most of the time, the brand and the wronged consumer can have the opportunity to take the discussion offline (FB Message or email), where more amicable solutions can quickly be reached.

      1. With 27% internet penetration (as of 2015) and an estimated 150 million social media users, India can still be considered to be in a nascent stage of social media usage when compared to its western counterparts. But what we are overlooking is the power of the news starved traditional media who would love to latch upon any negative comment about your company and blow it way out of proportion on a national scale. From a purely financial perspective, it surely does not make any sense to realloctate your precious advertising budget to PR trying to regain lost goodwill to address the concerns (which may not even be substantial) of anyone and everyone with a Facebook account who has the liberty to post random comments about your product, service etc. It is a very dangerous trade-off, between choosing to invest in social media marketing and the costs associated, to make for any company.

        1. But at the same time, while PR is mostly a unidirectional communication channel, social media is a dialogue which is bidirectional, and hence can fetch more impact. so if the marketeer can tame the wild beast( read social media), she can achieve the achievable !!!

  2. Well as far as social media goes, it’s definitely an important platform to market and connect with your consumers. But you should always keep in mind that there are consumers who would appreciate your product / service offerings and there would be some who would always complain irrespective of what you do. Hence, let anybody and everybody rant about your product on social media but it’s your judgement on what to act and what to not. The art of ignoring should be mastered very well. One can never cater to all demands of the society. A brand is built over a period of time and can be built only if you cater to genuine concerns of customers who complain not to harass but for improving your services. There is a thin red line differentiating such consumers and the onus lies upon you to identify them.


    1. Exactly.
      But the simile which am trying to draw here is, it mirrors real life here too. In Facebook, we often keep on getting notifications/messages which are often unsought, instead of replying to all, we select only those which intrigues us/adds value to us/simply matter to us. Similarly a brand is also expected to select those responses which are genuine and should be addressed to, not just everything.

  3. Great job!!! Very nicely written and executed. Plus, it is really well informed and researched.

  4. Brilliant and very cohesive thoughts on the topic.
    The love affair marks the true transition from a product concept to a marketing concept which is no longer an accessory, but essential to build brands in the digital age

    1. @ Sautrik, very true. That is why probably we can see a paradigm shift from the traditional so called product concept to the marketing concept. Many a times, the winning or losing gets decided way before the brand goes to the market, simply because of the approach taken by the marketers.

  5. Social Media is very much a double edged sword and marketing through such an unpredictable medium takes quite heavy planning and proper execution. The latest kid in the arena of WOM marketing, Social Media marketing can go as far as acting as a significant differetiator for certain brands. Very well constructed article.

    1. Thanks. This unpredictability makes it more intriguing I guess. Just like any romantic story, where the unpredictability of one protagonist works magnetically on her counterpart, here also marketers are taking exponentially increasing interest in social media. One reason might be due to its reach with no upper limit, and the second reason can be attributed to its unprecedented whimsical nature.

  6. Well written…yes, brands have personalities too and alignments are as much necessary!! Just that more often than not, these companies hire service providers/image consultants who manage their SM accounts and engagement with the public…I wonder how these 3P companies can have an impact in the long-run, do justice to particular clients and be effective for all when they are concurrently managing accounts for various brands. In-house operations ain’t a solution for all…I hope this bit too gets answered in the near future!!

    1. The way scenarios are changing rapidly now-a-days, the age old proverb “change is the only constant” is becoming the ultimatum. Indeed future seems to be full of surprises

  7. Pretty insightful thought!!!
    I would like to make just 1 candid comment: SM as a partner can also be cranky like its human version. Swiftness in adopting SM may lead to instances where there is no easy way out. And the best way to deal with it is the same old mature way of handling relationships. Quick fixes will only lead to broken hearts (lost customers) and stressed moods (red top & bottom line).

    1. Exactly. Not only fro marketing perspectives, from many other aspects as well social media resemble and often reflect our humane relationships 🙂

  8. You have very drafted the future of marketing in a wonderful way…There is one more challenge that the market companies will face while enticing the millennial and Gen Z customers. They do not believe in advertisements but reviews by the existing user of the product.

    1. Certainly. This is why its not only beneficial but also mandatory for any marketeer to tap into it, and use it to its advantage, instead of relying only on the traditional communication channels.

  9. Kudos! A very well written article. It’s true, in today’s web-frenzied generation it’s very important to have media presence. People turn to the internet for every other thing in their lives, be it looking up a restaurant, find a good doctor, etc. Not being omnipotent (as you have mentioned in your article above) could in the long run undermine brand value. It would almost be like being non-existent as fewer people would be aware of your business and as a result less and less people will reach out to you.

    1. I actually emphasized on being omnipresent, rather than omnipotent.A brand needs to be everywhere, wherever its target audience can be found, wherever it is being discussed or talked about..then only it can resonate with them. Thanks.

  10. More than once I have mentioned to my friends and colleagues that marketing on a digital platform is similar on online dating, especially in B2B circles. In order to drive awareness, you have to push your brand in innovative ways to set yourself apart. Also, conversion to the final stage will lead to a life long relationship which is mutually beneficial . Moreover, you can’t treat the customer as an outsider, but he is your co-creator.
    Good reviews will drive traffic, but creating multiple touchpoints is a sure-shot way to survive in the arena in the long run.

    1. Exactly. This is very true, in today’s scenario, and that is why brands are putting more and more emphasis on it.

  11. Good read Sushovon! Infact if we see Harrah’s data mining of customer feedbacks, the sole purpose was to engage the customers in same store sales by increasing quality of customer experience and no wonder they succeeded gracefully in casino business.

    1. Very true. If a company turns blind eye to her customers, no wonder it will be a sure shot recipe for failure.

  12. Well written..and you saved the best for last..point 5 is the most significant of all..which unfortunately most startups fail to don’t get the fruits only by planting a seed..similarly creating a relationship with customers wud only boost when you are open to suggestions and take their complaints seriously..:)

    1. Exactly. I saved the most important point for the last. “Last but not the least” you know 🙂

  13. U have thoughtfully written n executed, ur view is high n communicating ur thoughts hv come well, good going, u rock…..

  14. U have beautifully executed relationship n marketing, this shows how well u have understood people’s mind, with this thought’s u would excell in both work n relationship

    1. Thank you. I am really really happy to see that you have rightly caught the connection that exists between marketing and personal relationships 🙂

  15. nicely written….but I do doubt, does these concepts apply for B2B marketing as well or only just B2C?

    1. Thanks. Whether it applies to B2B marketing or not, depends on your target customers actually, its all about being present everywhere, where-ever your customers are present. So if you are operating in B2B segment, and your customers/potential customers are active on social platforms, then definitely these applies for B2B marketing as well

  16. Outstanding work. Its brilliantly put up and well executed. Keep up the brilliant work and I am sure you ll go a long way. All the very best !

  17. Nicely written Sushovon… Kudos… I was just going through some of the comments.. I agree it could have a negative impact to the company initially and the page may end up in another grievance redressal forum. But on the better side if the company is actually serious and promt to address the issue. I think it will only show their commitment, accountability and credibility and definitely help them in long run. I think thats wat we customers want.☺

    1. Exactly. The company needs to use the negative aspect of the social media, as their advantage.

  18. If you are not buying and if you are not selling, then you are the product being sold.
    Social media thrives on the data generated by users!

    1. Haha. True. Just wondering which role is your favorite among the three u mentioned?

  19. Both the aspects have been related so nicely. Now after reading this it’s easier for people like me who know nothing about marketing to understand how marketing works as you have related it to a subject I can keenly dig into. And yes, I found that 4th point very interesting.

  20. Very well written. A Lot of cohesive thought process, good enough of research n potential writeup skills depicted

  21. Very well written. Its a must read for people trying to build a career in marketing. I agree with your thoughts, though I don’t have much idea about marketing strategies and how it caters to aspects in reality but I believe it hugely impacts every common man’s life and today humans completely rely on social media and how companies and startups these days market themselves. The better the marketing, the more satisfactory customers is what I feel. Keep writing 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot. In very simple terms, u have written the essence of marketing: “Better the marketing, more satisfied the customer is “. Nice. Though I would say its mostly a correlation and not a causation.

  22. Someone tries to put this pointless circularity we all feel in words, and even concludes it as meaning and motivation. I would say fantastic! One of the best I’ve read recently.

    1. Thanks a lot. It took almost 60 seconds for me to decrypt the inner meaning though 🙂

  23. Kudos. A very well written article. Frankly still reading the article but couldn’t resist to comment on the essence that this article portrays.

  24. Very well articulated Sushovon.. I totally agree and in my summer internship project which was on social media branding I too have experienced that the best way for companies to engage with their on social media is to own up their mistakes, apologize and explain how they are planning to address their fault.

    1. Thanks a lot for specially sharing your experience and thereby substantiating my claims 🙂

  25. Indeed its imperative for companies to have active social media presence throughout
    but it may backfire as well isnt it?
    A small product defect or customer dissatisfaction may create huge avalanche of negative comments creating negative brand image against the defaulting brand.

    1. Not if its acknowledged, appreciated, apologized and redressed at its embroynic nascent stage

  26. I am very pleasantly surprised with the maturity of your thought. social media marketing has marketing built in itself, which most social media practitioner do not realise sadly, and relationship management is the key in a good marketing plan. In the social media context, that is build with the right content which is created or curated through indepth study of the customer in target. Therefore, the better you know your customer, the better you would build your relationship. All the best Sushovon, I am sure you will do great in your career and life.

    1. Thanks a lot. this comment coming from someone, who herself has created her own paths, really means a lot to me 🙂

  27. Okay ! This is a perfect article written on the topic .Perfectly written , well scripted, perfect amalgamation of words. It shows you have worked on the topic, observed people and wrote an article like this.
    Kudos sushovon Da . Looking forward for the next one .

    1. Thanks. Thinking of writing another soon, specially because of this huge positive response 🙂

  28. Indeed a thoughtful article from Shushovan. It is a must read for the people looking for valuable insights on “Relationship Management and Social Media”. Looking forward to your next article.

  29. Hey nicely presented with apt images to show what it really means…perfectly agree on the current scenario & trends that’s going on across Social Media..!!! keep it going.. Don’t get too hard but get heard stands out..

  30. Amazingly framed and beautifully symbolized to put things across our minds…must say, very well written…good job!!! (Y) 🙂


    Very well researched, written and described to each and every points with examples which shows your minute observation on things, showing off the amount of efforts and dedication you have put up .

    Keep doing the great work. Try to explore on such subjects more and more. And keep updating us and keep people think on it and make them aware of it.

    Way to Go dear.

    Cheers 🙂

    1. Thanks Yesha. This comment coming from a person, who herself is a brand manager, really encourages me, and substantiates the points which I have tried to highlight in my article. I will definitely try to write more.

  32. Very interesting read. You have very well touched up on several aspects. I am elated you spoke about consumers’ need to befriend a brand. Most marketers tend to miss this one!

    1. Thanks a lot ma’am. As you discussed about the importance of understanding consumer behavior in planning and execution of any digital marketing strategy, I made sure to touch upon some aspects of consumer behavior in my article.Interestingly I have found that this point of consumers’ need to befriend a brand, has resurfaced in many recent research papers from that area.

  33. Nice work bro. I hope ur relationship with marketing continues to work and this post get marketed well 🙂

        1. Thanks a lot. Remember you branding on FB for your company, so thought it might be apt for you too 🙂

  34. To ignore the importance of social media in marketing will be living in a fool’s world. But the problem most companies face is how to handle social media. Most companies increase their social media staff during important corporate events and then return to predominately one-way social media or content marketing afterwards. As a result majority of customer questions remain unanswered. Also it is not feasible for one brand account (which is generally the case) to satisfy all needs including marketing and replying to customer queries. For example marketing mangers are simply not equipped with the knowledge to handle customer service or other non-marketing requests. Hence the social media team should be cross functional where various departments can contribute. This will make one-to-one customer engagement possible, which is the real essence of social media marketing.

    1. Exactly. That is in every point, I have repeatedly focused on being genuine, and emphasized the need of the hour which is two way communication: engagement

  35. Well Sush Maity, it has indeed been a very well researched and well analysed read. One point to keep in mind regarding this virtual platform is that a customer’s compliant must not have its negative impact on the others and the company must come forward to solve any dispute to keep its image intact. It must not become a common grievance sink with zero grievance redressals.

    1. True. that is why active listening from company is imperative for long term survival in social media 🙂

  36. Wonderfully put together dude…… I would just like to add that another way of using social media is to keep an eye on your competitors—So to build an efficient market relationship be a jealous boyfriend or better a jealous husband….find out If your competitors are using a certain social media marketing technique that seems to be working for them, do the same thing, but do it better!

  37. Well written article. You have a fine way of saying things. Keep up with your endeavors. All the best.

    I would like to say one point though. In this age of communication, people have become more gullible and in my opinion, a majority of people believe in whatever they read on social media. This can be used (is being used) by advertisers to dupe the consumers.

    1. Thanks.
      True, what you have said. But as an ethical practice a brand shall never engage in this, its objective should be too engage with potential customers, but never to take advantage of them.Ethical practices are the only possible way for long run survival.

  38. Your article is really thought provoking Sushovon. Though I have not that much idea of marketing but from the stand point of a consumer only this much I can say that clarity and clarification we really expect from the agency selling any product and open interractions through social media really plays major role in that.

  39. Articulated and very well researched.
    Ideas and arguments well placed.
    Nice read!!

  40. Role of social media well portrayed. A very informative and nicely complied article.. Good job!!

  41. Digital marketing is definitely a huge opportunity and a powerful option for the brand to engage with its customers. With great power comes great responsibility – and how responsibly the brand nurtures the ‘relationship’ will determine its success. Very well written article and interesting insights Sushovon !

    1. Thanks a lot 🙂 I loved the “with great power, comes great responsibility” part specially 🙂

  42. This is such a well equipped synopsis exploring the cross functional concept of social media combined with innovative marketing strategy.
    Today social media is not merely about technology but it is much more than that. It is about the stories you tell and the way you present real life concepts to engage the customers in their interest areas.This idea can be well explored as a customer drawing spell, facilitating the brand building.
    An eloquent article altogether.
    All the best!

  43. Very well written , well researched . As I have a business and social media plays a major role in my business I could relate to the section where building clients through social media is mentioned. It is very true that it is wise to build a relationship with your client instead to acquiring new clients.
    I enjoyed reading the article. Keep it up !!

    1. Thanks a lot. It really encourages me a lot when you substantiated my claims with your business experience 🙂

  44. Interesting read. Even as a petty consumer (read: outsider to business mgmt.) I could relate my observations to this trend. Your analysis amplified by your writing helped me converge to an understanding. So, thanks Sushovon.

    Two minor afterthoughts; would appreciate your insights-

    1) Twitter recently showed their tech on sentiment analysis that enabled auto-censoring feeds in the context of terrorism. I was amused to learn from someone that the studies were initially sponsored by businesses largely to handle the ‘Troll’ or the ‘A customer scorned’ situation. So how big of a threat is a single unhappy customer to large businesses in the wake of social media marketing ? Is it ‘protect brand image/loyalty’ or ‘serious revenue-cutting’ issue ?

    2) Consumer behaviors w.r.t certain goods and services are sensitive private info. So what alternatives/approaches would such businesses employ ? Moreover, data mining/analytics techniques have demonstrably inferred sensitive info from seemingly benign data. Understandably, some (or many) businesses would benefit from such insights into its consumer-base. So, what is the general attitude to mining social media data for sensitive consumer info ? How does consumer’s data-ownership and privacy issues fare in the marketing thought-process ?

    1. Thanks a lot Subarno for your genuine interest and putting forward two issues which are very relevant. My take on these would be:
      1. Consumer sentiment MATTERS. No matter how big the brand is, or how “TITANIC” the sentiments favoring the brand is, a single user’s dissatisfaction may cause havoc to the brand in this digital era. Mostly due to two reasons:
      a> In social space, any sentiment can create avalanche of comments and shares, thereby creating further ripples and causing a wildfire. It’s well established, that a negative comment ( read sentiment) catches generic attention ore than a positive one. So there is no way a brand can neglect this.
      b> A consumer’s negative sentiment, can lead to negative sentiments among his/her peers, which in turn may cause a network-effect creating havoc cut from the revenue stream of the company. So technically, its a two-ponged sword.

      2. Data analytics on social media is hugely employed by brands now a days. This is not true just for big brands, even it matters more for small companies and start ups. Its surprising to see, that this is even applied now for B2B companies, to assess the sentiments of the customers of the client’s business. Generic attitude towards this social listening and data analytics, from companies today is very positive and most companies employ these.
      The ethical practices and privacy issues are definitely a matter of concern for today. Specially in India, where privacy in digital space, is not protected that much like USA, by public laws and law enforcement agencies. So indeed consumer privacy is a bit vulnerable in today’s India.

  45. Very well written piece. Importance of social media in the context of relationship marketing can’t be emphasised more. I don’t know about others but I instantly connect with any company that goes the extra mile to engage personally with me on social media.

    1. Thank you Urvashi 🙂 The very fact, that being a consumer you can connect to brands more who emphasize on engaging with consumers, substantiates my claim that brands should engage with customers.

  46. Interesting read. Seems a lot of research has gone into wiring this post. Keep it up.

  47. With reference to point #2, it may sound good that you need to be omnipresent, to respond to customers, address their needs. My point is that it will require a lot of funds, time, and manpower to address the same. In such a case, how would you go for an optimization? Like deciding which particular channels to try, where to place the product, etc.?
    My concern is that you can’t be at all the places at all times, even though it might sound amazing.

    1. Definitely there is trade of. In such cases, you need to decide what your offering is, whom it is targeted for, and then decide which platform or community your target customers frequent to…based on these a brand may channelize its efforts.
      Good Point

  48. Well Researched Article Bro…. Well Done…. Just a few alterations will make it great….!

  49. Brilliantly put together!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Perfect research and use of words to explain all topics!!!!!!!!!

  50. Interesting Read!

    We can use OLD + NEW Marketing tool in any permutation & combination.
    But bottom line remains the same – Getting customer engaged.

  51. Well written article !
    I am glad that you mentioned how important it is for marketers to engage in a two-way communication. It is equally important for marketers to hear their customers as it is to get heard.
    Also garnering participation from customers makes a lot of sense. Customers tend to believe what people like them say of a product even more than what experts have to say about it.

  52. Britlliantly written. Addresses a lot of issues and dos it very well. Kudos to the author.

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  54. Brilliantly put together!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Perfect research and use of words to explain all topics!!!!!!!!!

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